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This lady came into clinic. she was absolutely livid. If you looked up rage in the dictionary they would have her pic right there. We did not know who she was or why she was there. we had to calm her down to get the story.

It came out in bits between angry ( yet not obscene) comments. “My husband was here and got a vasectomy and now I am pregnant” Of course she had comments about how the surgeons nuts would be on her mantle soon. She had three kids and she was done. Totally done.

We were a pediatrics clinic. the same space is used for many specialists, so we were safe. She was looking for the urology folks.  nevertheless we went and found the chart. She sat stock still, quietly furious. When we told her not the name of the surgeon ( what she wanted to hear) but that her man ( I use the term very loosely) did not show for the vasectomy. She flipped from hot boiling anger to cold frozen fury. we feared for his life. we looked in the papers for a few days but never found out what happened. Whatever happened he deserved it. chickening out is despicable but then pretending you are fine is much worse. He needed the vasectomy because they were very fertile, in fact it took only three months for her to get pregnant.



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