phone message-lost and found

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I received a message that was two days old. I really try to answer all my messages before I go home for the day. For one thing the patient has been waiting but also I dont want it hanging around for the next day. 

What happened was that the patient called for two different things. a refill of a medicine and a question for me. The message went to the refill desk and it takes time to check the appropriateness of the refill, to call it in and to document it. Then it came to me. ( a duplicate message should have been created

It is always uncomfortable to call two days later and the temptation is to not call and hope for the best. However for anyone who is in a similar situation my recommendation is CAll! as soon as you can. They will appreciate it. be honest, apologize for the delay. if you are in medicine it is easier because they are generally just happy that you called. I will admit that the bar for doctors calling back is very very low. Without much effort you can exceed expectations.


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