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A few tips on scheduling appointments that will help you and also your neighbors as well as the office you go to. We are trying to maximize the most limited commodity we have. Face to face doctor time. We have to match the right doctor with the right amount of time, with the right support staff and technology. It is actually much harder than it sounds.

A few things to keep in mind. We do not know why you are coming in. The staff asks you so they can more appropriately match the visit to the need.  Are you hacking up green stuff? fever, muscle aches? Yup we can use a basic appointment slot. Or are you really coming in to get you high blood pressure checked and by the way also have  a significant infection. That is more like a visit and a half.

Have you avoided doctors for ten years and want to catch up ? That is a full blown physical, not to be confused with a check-up. To this day  I do not know what a check up means– it seems to mean many different things to many people.

If you are worried about telling you personal medical problems to the phone staff, I promise the staff member is going to forget about your issue within a few seconds. They are too busy to retain it. They should also be well trained not to repeat it.

In some ways scheduling a visit is like getting your car fixed. They need to know what the problem is to give you an estimate of the cost and the time to fix. An air filter  and oil change you can wait for and not pay too much, a water pump or timing belt– much different proposition.

Later– Door knob questions


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