angry cardiologist

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Not so long ago I recieved a call from an angry cardiologist. The man i had sent to get a nuclear stress test had blood pressure that was way too high. Therefore the test had to be postponed but more importantly the nuclear material that is ordered for that time is wasted at around $1000. I was told I should know better than to send someone with severely elevated blood presure.  Click

I said to  myself that I did know not to send them without reasonable blood presures even If the test was very important. Did I forget, make a mistake? I had the staff find the chart , however, before it reached me the same cardiologist called back to appologize. He had discovered that indeed I had prescribed the medicine, in plenty of time to make it work, the patient had bought it and then decided not to take it.

So here is the question. What F#$$% is that about? I get not buying a medicine, too expensive or just don’t wanna, cant make me. but to actually buy it?

And how come the bloody patient does not suffer for his sillyness. That $1000 of wasted material plus the time and effort is gone. We will never get control of costs as long as the people generating the costs do not have a good amount of skin in the game.


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Oh by the way doc, to Gyn or not?

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