How many did you say?

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A lady came in with odd abdominal complaints. By the fourth visit we had  ruled out ulcer, reflux, gastritis, gall bladder disease, IBS. Frankly I had no idea what the matter was. I knew it wasn’t dangerous because of how long and benign the course had been and it was more an annoyance than a pain.

I was telling the patient that I was stumped when she asked if the sodas she drank could do this. I assured her they could not. Then she added that she drank 23 sodas everyday.

Oopps, I guess I should have been more carefull when she asked about sodas. I usually know that patients dont volunteer things lightly. But who would have thought someone drank a case a day.

Sure enough that was it, the vast amounts of carbonation where upsetting her small bowel. She could have said something the first visit.


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risky?-are you kidding me? You put what in your ear?

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