You put what in your ear?

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It was late on a Tuesday afternoon when just before closing a desperate mother with her son walked into my office pleading for help. Her son had put a bean in his ear and they were supposed to be flying out the next morning. There was no hope of getting an ENT to look at the kid so it was up to me.

I looked in his ear and it was hard to tell what was there because the bean he put in was the color of ear wax. I tapped it lightly with my ear spoon ( an instrument to drag out wax or offending  foreign objects from ears) and could see it was wedged in. I could not find any room to get behind the bean and drag it out. I did not have suction available and I wasnt sure what to do next.

I remembered that as  a kid I would help my father at his restaurant. Mexican food of course. That means corn and beans. Lots and lots of beans. My father was a stickler for making everything from scratch, including the beans, which had to be washed and have the small number of stones removed. Aha, beans tended to float!

I dripped water past the bean, it floated and voila! I get to be the hero once more! The funny part is that when we asked him why he put the bean in, he answered, ” I was bored”. It is more funny when you hear it and realize that the kid was 14 years old.

FYI: in twenty years, I have removed from ears, a cockroach, water bug, tick, a bean, a pearl, blue fungus ball, enourmous amounts of wax some approaching shrek size.


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