I earned that $100

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Once upon a time I was a medical student with little or no money. for reasons that are no longer entirely clear I would not let my father pay for anything, therefore my wife and I were quite short of funds. Funny I dont remember being unhappy about that. So when an opportunity to volunteer in some twisted medical experiment for bucks came up I never hesitated.

This time it was a bonanza. $100 was a very good payoff and on top of that it would be during normal rounds at the hospital. that meant that I could rest, maybe catch up on sleep and was excused from rounds. sign me up.

At first it went alright. the experiment involved infusing me with IV Ethanol to a specific blood alcohol level and then measuring saliva output.–Hey I did not think that up.

We started at 9 and by noon everything in the room was hilarious. I generaly dont drink and had never been that intoxicated before. but then at 12:05 I started throwing up and continued non stop until midnight. 

We found out later that the tech had miscalculated the amount and given me twice the dose. For years the mere smell of alcohol would make me sick.

Other experiments I did, nasal flu vaccine trials ( hated that one, they put this horrible broth in your nose). A series of Ozone trials– best one ever, I got to study while in their clean room then I ran on their treadmill, and I loved to run. Typhoid dosing trials plus probably a few more I forgot


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