Give up the D*** blood already. You have plenty

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I went and donated blood today. Then I went to the office for Saturday hours. I feel fine and had no problems. I gave two units. Surely you can give just one. I started giving blood as soon as I turned 18 against my parents wishes. I am not sure why, but it seemed like a slam dunk, a give-me if you will. My body is more than able to make more, it is desperately needed and it costs only an hour and a pinch. I wish the rest of my life was that easy. 

Later I saw how the blood is used and the miracles it accomplishes and I give 6 units a year, two at a time, no matter how busy I am. The person in the car accident that needs four or five units right away, is busier trying to stay alive. The child with leukemia smiling and playing through a troubled childhood, has one less thing impeding his recovery.

Surely you can go and give one unit of blood once a year.

I was told ( by people that should know) that only 5% of those who could give blood do. That is shameful. Then 9/11 came around and in a bizarre expression people gave blood when it wasnt needed. I remember thinking, who do they think will need the blood? There were many deaths, few injuries. 

Check out the Red Cross site about recipients and then schedule a donation at the same site.


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