A good driver? is that your final answer?

03/14/2009 at 6:52 AM Leave a comment

I was seeing this young man. About 18 he was. I needed to have him follow up and he mentioned that it would be difficult because he had lost his license.

Now I know how hard it is to lose your license. You have to work at it. It is not enough to drive drunk and almost kill people. It is not enough to drive drunk many times. It is not enough to be a total idiot who is genetically incapable of controlling a 3000 pound killing machine. Or crashing many times. It takes skill to lose your license. Even more so at 18.

It got my attention and questioned him on this unfortunate situation. He said that he had gotten a couple DUI’s. This means he was caught a couple of times, no telling how many times he put all of us at risk. He had crashed and totaled his own car and his friends car and his parents car. He had driven on a suspended license and then had several speeding tickets. 

I was amazed that anyone would let him drive their car. Yet he had borrowed one to get to the office. That he did not seem to have any real sense of the devastation he had caused. But the most amazing thing was that after that inventory, as if to make up for how bad it sounded, he volunteered, that he was a ” good  driver”.

Clearly his definition of good driver is much different from mine. And I told him so. Good drivers dont get a ticket, much less get involved in  an accident. I actually went much farther, saying that if I looked in a dictionary under bad driver, his picture would be there. 

I guess I take offense at stupidity. All of his Moving violations were one car events, all avoidable, all his fault. He puts us all at risk without appreciation for the damage and injury he imposes on the rest of us.


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