Comedy routine

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In two weeks I will be attempting a stand up comedy routine. A new one. For the past two years I have done two versions of an old routine I develped years ago. However, I could always give it to a new audience. Now it is the third time at the same setting and it required new material. That of course means untried material. Considering that the first routine had what I considered the best material, this is a bit nerve racking.

I will talk about various forms of inside jokes. Such as: the difference between a hematologist and a urologist? Or what does it take to be an Orthopedist. I will also poke fun at Family Practice. I will still attempt to avoid lawyer jokes. I see those as the refuge of the incompetent, as they are all too easy and too well known. I generally do not do political jokes. So it is medical humor or nothing, hope someone laughs.

If it goes well I will write up the routine here.


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