medical school wisdom—NOT!

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During the transition from basic lay person to professional medical man with the power to undress, cut, and pry there were several witticisms that helped us cross that divide.

Don’ let the skin come between you and a diagnosis.  This one is going the way of the corded phone, we did not have good access to Cat Scans much less MRI, pet scans, Nuclear STress tests. And the skin was a huge barrier to diagnosing things. Not surprisingly this was said mostly by Surgical types.

Nothing like the cold, sharp feel of surgical steel. Mostly said by guys, even non surgical guys. You know guys and their tools. And the Kelly’s, Mayo’s and metzenbaums were all so well made and worked so well, we wanted more opportunities to use them.

You can reach any cavity with a long enough needle and a strong enough arm.  Again a leftover from before good imaging techniques. Sometimes you would need a piece of tissue but did not want to open the patient up, or the patient was a lousy surgical risk. Not that anyone actually would shove a large needle anywhere. This helped with a situation when you needed to put the needle but were uncomfortable or afraid of doing so. Now we have guiding imaging, makes my training seem quaint, as if some sort of 19th century nightmare.

The only time it is better to be the patient than the doctor:— actually never.


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But Doc, it’s Natural. Dissatisfied patient

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