She did what?

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This one Sunday I was on call. I had just laid out the table for supper when I got paged, bummer. I called the distressed mother and I had one of those weird conversations where we both spoke clear english but we could not understand each other.

Apparently her 12 year old daughter had hurt her tongue with her nail. Was it bleeding I asked? No she answered but that was not the problem.

Was the nail ok? NO answer

Finally after quite a silly back and forth, we started over. Her 12 year old daughter had decided she wanted a tongue ring, so she went out to the garage, found a rusty nail and proceeded to push it into and through her tongue! The problem was that she was refusing to remove the nail until her mother found a ring that would go into the hole.

It took me a few seconds to gain my composure. I was actually speechless and that is a rare event.  I can’t imagine shoving a nail through my tongue, for any kind of reward. 

I told her to take the nail out-no excuses. Have her rinse her mouth out, to come in the morning for an infection check and then I gave the mother my deep and sincere condolences. Can you imagine what she might be capable of at 16?


Entry filed under: true story.

Blood, sutures and tongue what goes around comes around

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