sudden change in vision- no glasses

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I am always surprised when a patient tells me that they had a rapid/sudden change in vision sothey  went and got new glasses.  There is no reason they should know better, but eye sight prescriptions do not change rapidly and a visit to me is much more productive. It is rare that a change in glasses will address the problem and with the exorbitant cost of glasses, it is unfortunate.

There are many things that change vision: diabetes, retinal detachment, glaucoma, macular degeneration, infection,brain tumors, pituitary tumors,  migraine ( the last patient I saw). The tumors are quite rare so don’t panic. Particularly with only one eye changing, you should suspect something besides a change in prescription.

Some of these causes are temporary. In diabetes out of control, the sugar in the blood enters the eye via osmosis and the high concentration changes the optical characteristics of the fluid. don’t try to fix this with glasses, you will never catch up to it. the correct approach is to get the sugar under good control and let the concentration in the eye drop to normal then get your eyes retested. it takes 3 months or more. One patient had 3 sets of glasses in three months before they were sent to me to see why her vision kept changing.


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