fainting and Toto

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When I was much younger, perhaps a bit more ‘unusual’, this young lady came in for a blood draw. She was upset because she always fainted afterwards. She had to get her blood checked regularly so it was a big problem. It was the first time we were drawing the blood and we felt confident we could deal with this. We laid her down on the table and waited a few minutes to draw the blood. It is probably impossible to faint laying down, so we were good to go. After 5 full minutes we allowed her to sit up for 5 more minutes, then she stood up and was fine. Giddy and thrilled actually. She proceeded to walk out and in the middle of the waiting room full of people she faints.

I saw her slump down, completely out. She did not hit her head  and I checked her out quickly. Heart, lungs, circulation all good. Nothing to do but wait a few seconds for her to wake up. But she did not wake. I did see her eyes moving under her eyelids though and realized she was awake but not opening her eyes. Her fears had been realized and now she was mortified and I presumed she just wanted the earth to swallow her up.

I searched my bag of tricks to help her out. I pulled out just the thing. I dont know what came over me, because it seems a bit of a strech even for me.

I leaned close to her ear and whispered, ” You are not in Kansas anymore.” It did the trick, she smiled widely, opened her eyes and got up. As far as I can tell she has not fainted since.


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It’s nothing doc, just heavy chest pressure Cancer Schmancer

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