To flu or not to flu?

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As I write this it is hard to know whether the hysteria about this current ‘news event’ is justified. The regular flu kills tens of thousands in this country alone!  This one has generaly been very mild. Yet we hope that the World Health Organization knows of what they speak. They have clasified this as a 5 on a 6 scale. 6 is considered ‘game over’. I dont know about you but if we got to 5 and I dont remember 4 much less 2 or 3, it seems to me that 5 is cause for alarm. What the heck I would be alarmed at 4 if 6 is world wide flu pandemic and the end of civilization as we know it.

Yet there does not seem to be any real evidence to justify this classification. Not that I ever was the most trustful person of authority but the last eight years have certainly seriously effected the credibility of the authorities that be.

Our office will of course follow guidelines, but closing entire school systems because of a relatively mild illness that has effected a few dozen people?  If everyone stays home that thinks (or in some cases, hopes) they are sick, how is anything going to get done? I must be dim for I dont get it. Perhaps by the time this post  is scheduled it will be clearer.


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