Java, what makes the world go round

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I am curious at the bad name caffeine ( and therefore coffee) has in general. You would think it was the third scourge of modern society, with cigarettes and alcohol. Not only is it self evident to the dullest intelligence that it does not belong in such company, there are numerous articles and studies showing benefits from it. I myself obtained CME ( continuing medical education) credits from a program put out by no less than NIH. Wow, maybe it was their most caffeine addicted researchers that put this program on. Or perhaps, caffeine has an undeserved bad rap.

The amazing thing is how many positive things caffeine does. It allows for better concentration on task, enough for people to test better, drive better. there is a general sense of well being. The adverse effects were easily avoidable, insomnia (dont drink it after noon), increased urination ( be near a bathroom). They also studied dependance ( as opposed to addiction) and found that until you reached 32 oz. the chance of dependance was very low. They measured this by measuring withdrawal symptoms on suddenly stopping the intake. Even at 32 oz the risk of dependance is low. 

I remember in school drinking large amounts and also that when I graduated I had a vague headache for a few weeks afterwards. I later figured out that without the presure of being awake for 30+ hours in a row I had naturally dropped my coffee intake to something reasonable. The headaches faded quickly and to say it was withdrawal may be accurate but in reality it is too strong a word for the symptoms I experienced.

So it does not answer the question as to how caffeine got such a bad rap. I have people that smoke and drink to excess that are worried about their caffeine consumption. How bizarre.  Personally I think it is a plot by the TEA companies.


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