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One of my oldest patients came in yesterday. She was worried about her husband whose health is not the best. She tried ( unsuccessfully) to convince me that age had nothing to do with it. (he is 83, status post  Heart disease, etc.)  they have been together much longer than I have been alive. They are one of those rare people that still enjoy being together.

The cliche that old people get adjusted to each other is false. Many just tolerate each other.  I probably have more happy widows than unhappy ones. ( after the grief has passed.)

Today she told me something new that was weird and interesting. She and her husband had been trying for a baby for some time without success. This was at least 50 years ago. She visits a chiropracter that mentions that one leg is shorter than the other and her pelvis could use  straightening. He then asks if she has kids and goes further to say that her tilted pelvis could get in the way.

So he does his thing straightens her pelvis and inserts a lift  and she gets pregnant that next month. When she wants to avoid pregnancy (this is before the pill) she removes the lift. She did this for four kids. And to the degree her memory is accurate it worked fairly well. She did have her kids spaced out very evenly and she had as many kids as she wanted, no more.

Could a tilted pelvis have caused the uterus to tilt in the other direction? Who the H knows? The human element has a million odd stories, this is just one of them.


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