The medical conundrum in 8 precise pages

06/15/2009 at 5:58 AM 1 comment

The link above is to an article by an amazing doctor. I have read his books and he writes clearly, precisely and keeps you glued to the page. And these are not novels, they are non-fiction.

His recent article, clearly describes the medical cost conundrum that this country is in. I had thought no one was talking about the real issues, but I was wrong, every point that I have considered is discussed. He has the data to back things up and to solidify his conclusions, which if you are in the system are quite obvious. He is not overreaching with his conclusions he is just being very clear about them.

If you are interested in a primer on the high cost of medical care and the way that we deliver medicine in this country this is the place to start. I also commend him for not stopping there, he goes further and looks for answers, places that have got it right and what they do different. 

I would not say that I am not hopeful, but at least someone is talking about the right problem, instead of the silly stuff: socialized medicine, hmo, single payer. Sure I think that malpractice is a bigger deal here than in McAllen, but the main issue is that the incentives in medicine are truly perverse. How you fix that , well hopefully there are equally brilliant minds working on that.

One last thing, I do believe that the local culture can and is driven by a small group of  ‘cultural’ leaders. Whether they be the heads at residencies or hospitals it doesn’t matter, but they are the ones that impart their view of the world to many that follow. In particular if one of these leaders is malpractice phobic and they teach, a whole generation of docs can come out with a phobia they perceive as totally normal.


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Medical reality check A Miss and a Save aka better lucky than good

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  • 1. Linda  |  06/17/2009 at 7:01 PM

    Great article by one of my favorite medical authors. And he even used the phrase “skin in the game”!


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