The Power of Fear

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I met a middle aged man much like myself. He was mostly in better health than I except for his teeth. ( which by the way, he did not mention at all). He came in for a physical so it meant that at some point I would get to see. Three teeth were broken at the gum line and rotting, another was rotting all the way from top to bottom. So far no infection.

He absolutely refuses to see a dentist. This dates back to his childhood when some woman dentist caused so much pain it lasted for weeks and weeks.

When I mentioned the signs to watch out for, incase it was turning into an abcess, I finnished by saying: at that point you need to get your butt to a oral surgeon or to Elines(local morturary). HE smiled and said he understood but he would nt be going to the dentist.

He is an accomplished man with this one desperate remnant of his childhood effecting him. He quit smoking, doesnt drink significantly, is at a good weight, eats well. Has great kids and is very pleasant company. Yet the scar from that lady dentist goes through to his soul.

I reminds me to keep things in perspective when dealing with little ones. No point in terrifying them without an overwhelming reason. I learned where I could effectively put steri-strips instead of sutures in many situations that we usually do the latter.

It is about remembering to use the appropriate therapy for the entire patient.


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