Treating your own.

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I went to visit my brother the other week. this would not be significant except that he lives in Europe and he just started a family. He has a lovely 5 month old girl. (the fact that he is 51 years old is something interesting). I took my younger daughter with me and we had a grand time.

Towards the end of the trip she developed a mild headache. One that would not resolve with the usual advil or tylenol. Of course I can come up with many horrible things it could be. I knew it to be most likely a muscle tension headache from the stress she was under. (only one who could not speak spanish, only girl her age). But I struggled emotionally with treating her. I would have gladly let someone else decide what to do but in that setting it would have been very difficult. My daughter does not readily transmit information. It is very hard to get her to describe her symptoms in English much less through a translator.

So I ended up trying different things to help her feel better until we got home.( which was only a few days later). What I discovered was how much more dificult it is to be dispassionate and professional when it is one of your own. Even for something relatively trivial. It is not that I have not felt this before but that it was so much more intense when there was not much of an alternative to my treating her.


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