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When I first opened my office we saw this man who was trying to repair a boot. His insole had worn out and he was trying to glue a new one in. He used superglue–a good idea since it is quick, cheap and an excellent adhesive. He used too much, way too much and that was not so good an idea. Then he decided to use his foot to press the two together, that was the worst idea of all.

Sure enough he glued his foot to the boot. Totally glued. It took forever and many scalpels to cut the upper off and most of the sole. Then he had to wait until his outer layer of skin sloughed off.

Since then there have been numerous finger tip gluing foreign objects, toes, etc. but none so comical as that first one.

Superglue is not dangerous and we actually use it to fix cuts and cracks. It is rather expensive for a family doc to use the “approved medical formulation” for a cut ( a single dose is more than the visit brings in) so we still suture. But if you are someone who gets cracks in your fingers or hands in the winter, what we do is carefully shave the excess dead and hard tissue then use some supper glue and voila’ all fixed up.


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