What is it with those expiration dates.

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Medicines come with expiration dates. How they come up with those appears random,but I suppose they have some method to their madness. But decades of experience has given me the following guidelines.

1. Dont freak out if it expired yesterday, there is no self destruct switch in the pill. It was good yesterday, it is good today. Generally following directions is a good thing, but don’t get carried away with it.

2. Pills don’t suddenly go bad, they fade away.

3. expired pills will not hurt you, the worst that will happen is that they will be weaker or wont work.

4. Liquid antibiotics are gone in a few weeks–toss them out.

5. Liquid cough syrups seem to last forever. (personal experience)

6. A year past due date is not too long by a long shot. Many people take medicine at least that old with good effects.

7. It may depend on how they were stored. If they got wet, throw them away, if they were in a very hot environment (glove compartment in San Antonio), they wont last so long. If they froze up, I have no idea.

8. I recently had a small skin infection that would not go away with local treatments. I found some old antibiotics in my closet. I mean really old, like 9 years old. I was too lazy to go to the pharmacy to get a new prescription so I tried it. Voila! within a couple of doses the infection was on the run. Go Figure.

9. They could create a secondary market for expired pills. At half price they would not last very long and everyone would win.

10. Some pills come with a six month expiration others with many years. I seriously doubt that any real life testing is happening ( there is my cynicism flaring up). Perhaps it has to do with the mood of the designator.



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