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Recently a friend had a strange lump drained. It was no big deal and it was done easily. At the center of the lump/cyst was an unusual artifact. At first the doctor thought it was a large old blood clot, but it did not look like anything he had ever seen

My friend looked at it and it tugged at her memory before it hit her. A few decades ago when she was a young girl she was on a bike between some palm trees and she fell on one. Unbeknown at the time a piece of that palm tree became lodged under her skin and the body slowly walled it off. Eventually the body’s reaction became big enough for her to get it removed. I wonder if that tree  is still there.

In an unrelated case, when I was 14 a friend of mine twisted his ankle.  They did xrays (probably because they always did xrays back then) and the ankle was fine. However just on the edge of the film there was something very shiny, something obviously metalic. This was totally unexpected and they wondered whether there had been something on the skin or on the film cartridge. On a repeat xray they found that he had a sewing needle in his foot! this time there was no recolection by anyone when that could have happened. They removed the needle and it was clear that it had been there for years, perfectly preserved by the body, not bothering him one bit.


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Tenemos mucha fe (we have alot of faith) amazing memory

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