doesnt pay to lie to your doctor or lawyer

11/26/2009 at 5:30 AM 1 comment

A long time ago a teacher Dr. Rixie made the point that there are two people it is never in your interest to lie to: your lawyer and your physician.  Your lawyer needs to know what trouble you may be in for and is legally bound not to divulge the information, in fact if he does it becomes inadmissible. And for us doctors we are in the same boat. With few exceptions ( child abuse, immiment suicide or homicide) we have heard it all and are rarely shocked.

This point was made clear when this teen came in with pain in his side. He had no history of trauma and it had slowly worsened over several days. When he peed in a cup it showed a little blood. Right then I knew this was very bad knews. Painless blood in the urine is not a good thing and even worse in a teen. We went into hyperdrive, Cat Scan, blood work, referal to specialists. The Cat scan showed a broken kidney. Which is so rare that the Radiologist called me with it. He had never seen that before. He had seen crushed, bruised kidneys, but what could have broken it?

We dragged the little teen culprit into the office, confronted him with the evidence and he fessed up. He had been trampolining the day before he started feeling bad, he slipped and fell on the edge hitting his kidney area hard on the metal rim. He said it felt bruised but he did not feel bad for another day. He was afraid to tell anyone. That holding back could have killed him. He bleed a tremendous amount around the kidney (which we could not easily detect) and that was why he felt tired. He got lucky that the blood effectively created a tamponade around the kidney and stopped the bleeding. Had he had another minor injury during the time we were figuring this out he could have easily bleed to death.

By this time he was feeling better and instead of major surgery to remove the kidney ( or repair it as the case may be) the surgeons at John’s Hopkins decided to watch him carefully and with the parents watching him carefully (very carefully) for a month, the kidney healed itself.

Just shows to go that God looks out after children and animals ( and sometimes fools).


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  • 1. Chris  |  11/26/2009 at 1:05 PM

    Indee I do believe you are right about God looking after,and also about the two people you never lie to.Of course you shouldn’t lie at all….


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