My big challenge

11/28/2009 at 5:10 AM Leave a comment

Yesterday, a welder came in with something in his eye. The fact that he is nearly my age and should know better does not mean that he wears eye protection. That is good for me since it keeps my skills up. I look with the slit lamp ( a way too cool instrument that allows me stereoscopic vision with magnification) and find that he had an enormous piece of slag on his L eye. This thing is tissue thin but  huge and it is seriously stuck on. So with a whole gaggle of staff watching I carefully get my instrument to his eye and slowly maneuver the tip under the metal and lift. This piece is large and fragile so the piece I get breaks off the rest. I get it all out in about 8 pieces!

Although there was not much doubt about the outcome, I felt like doing a touchdown dance. It is one of the most challenging hand eye coordination things I do. And although I have been worried for years that my hands will someday not be steady enough, they are still rock steady. Interestingly enough, it is much harder if the object is in the R eye because I then have to use my L hand. For reasons that are not entirely clear, most people come with stuff in their L  eye.


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concussion by any other name coincidence? I don’t think so

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