A day that will live in my heart

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My dad passed away over 7 years ago. The intense immediate loss is over but somedays I feel like he is just out of reach. The last ten years of his life we got to know each other much better and made time to do things together, but it still feels like there was so much more left to do. I remember the trip we took to London, a city he loved. It was a great trip for both of us.

I was planning a sequel to that one in Paris when he suddenly became sick and died. I often think about the things we were planning to do. The things he missed with his grandchildren whom he adored. The price of having children late is that you become a grandparent late in life (70 in  my father’s case). He made it to 82, so my daughter was 12 at the time. If he could only see her now a wonderful, fully blossomed flower, independent and becoming fully realized at college.

Although I think about him nearly every day, Dec 7th is his day. He told me that it was a pivotal day for him. Of course it is Pearl Harbor Day which bagan his trip out of poverty by giving him a job cooking at a pilot training camp. Then he was inducted in the navy on Dec 7th(’44), discharged from the Navy (’46), Quit smoking (’79). He felt it was his day for momentous life changing events. Happy Dec 7th Dad.


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TIA ( not the Temporary Insane Asylum) Merry Christmas indeed

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