Poor Planning

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Back when I turned 50 I needed to get screened for colon cancer. I don’t have any cancer history in my family, I have never smoked, etc., but I knew that I needed it. I am very busy so I have to  play tricks on my mind to get these things done. What I did was to schedule it six months out, that way it did not seem like it would really happen.

What I did not count on was that it would be football season or that I would be hosting a football watching party the day I was fasting. OUCH! So the sunday before the event I am on clear liquids and jello when my friends are coming over with buffalo wings, cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, etc, All I could do is watch them eat it. I would call this poor planning.

Luckily the Ravens won. I survived the party and continued with the jello.

The day of the colonoscopy was fine, I was not hungry the anesthesia gave me the best sleep I have had in decades, I had wonderful dreams, I felt so relaxed when I woke up. I even accused the surgeon of not doing the test. (BT Dubs-Unlike Michael Jackson I did not hire a doctor to give me more of the anesthetic at home.)

Next time (6 years from now) I will be more careful about when I schedule the test.


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