why are you so happy?

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A while back, when my kids were small  I went to a friends house for a play date for our mutual kids. My friend was in an unusually good mood. Elated even. He could not wait to tell me why.

He had three rambunctious boys and he had started his family while still young (twenties). Which meant that he and his wife had do without many of the things that some of us who had kids later enjoyed. As it turned out one his neighbors particularly rankled him. They were both professionals with0ut any kids (DINKS: dual income no kids). The guy had a BMW, the wife wore nice clothes. etc.

Apparently every once in a while he would leave the house and see the Beemer and it would get under his skin.

On the day of the play date he had just found out that that couple where expecting twins! He was selling the BMW for a minivan!  It seemed to be a moment of  sweet justice to him.

Unfortunatelly, his job moved soon after that and I lost track of him. I would love to know whether he feels different now that his kids are all out of the house ( presumably) and he is still rather young.

For me I know that I was not ready in my twenties, I had alot of maturing and studying to do.  I wanted to  have the time to spend with them that my father did not. Even though there were times I too old and injured to join them in activities but I dont regret at all delaying having my two girls.


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