what do we fear?

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I deal with this issue all the time. What is it we really fear?  Most people would say death. And they have a point but what people fear most is pain and disability. Both cause a loss of control over ones life. We all know that death awaits us at some point. Doctor’s are more conscious of this (IMHO). But disability and pain are not givens.

I see this in many forms, but the one I focus the most is autism. Personally that has to be one of the hardest things to deal with as a parent. I know that when I was expecting my daughter it was what I feared most. As hard as death is to deal with, a child with autism requires one to deal with the loss of a dream every single day.

So when I see parents focus on causes that don’t have any scientific backing, I can sympathize. In particular that immunizations are the cause of autism. I am not a researcher or a statistician but it just does not pass the smell test to me. With all the innumerable shots we give the evidence should be much clearer. Just like it was with chimney sweeps and bladder cancer and smoking and lung cancer, asbestos, heavy metal poisoning, etc. It is only hard to detect when the exposure is small and in few people.

But also how could you tell? For the first 18 months of life there is never a period longer than 3 months that a child does not get an immunization. That means that you could always tie any disease that starts during this period to a previous shot.

I know that I would immunize my child without hesitation. The risk of a horrible disease (like polio, meningitis, H. Flu) is more worrying than the dubious possibility of shots causing autism.

But I do understand the need for a reason.


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