Nursemaid’s elbow and an unexpected benefit

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When my daughter was two years old I took her to the mall. We did this every Wednesday,  we would walk and look at things. There were toys that kids could play with. At one point she jumped off a step while I was holding her hand and she promptly developed nursemaid’s elbow.

Nursemaid’s elbow is when the head of the radius ( bone in the forearm) snaps out of place and dislocates. This happens in kids because the ligament holding it in is a bit loose and because kids this age tend to have someone holding their hand. It is a relatively easy procedure to pop it back in. I have done it at the office many times. It takes less time than signing your name. The kid will come in with their forearm in their lap in no pain unless he  moves it or you touch it. I offer him a lollypop and try to get him to use the arm. They will always use the other arm no matter how close the candy is to the hurt side.

The maneuver is easy to do and it only hurts for a second ( hurts the patient not me) and you are done.

So here I was at the mall with my daughter having popped her radius out of place. Instinctively as soon as I felt the pop, I reached down and placed it back in place. She did not even have time to cry.

I reflected on the unexpected benefit of having this knowledge. Had I been a lay person it would have stopped all our fun. I would have worried about having to take her to an urgent care place (this was night time). My girl would have been in pain for some time before it was resolved.

Now that she is in college she is beginning to understand that her experience with illnesses has been very different because of her quick access to me.


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