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I saw an tv ad for the cancer center in AZ. I was stunned at the message. It made the ambulance chasing lawyers seem human, with feelings. The production values were excellent, it was very compelling. It was saying how they have cancer figured out and that if you go there you dont have to be a statistic. Then they get a guy who had pancreatic cancer and survived.

Who are these people? Sure they have a cure for cancer, right. And because they are so they are conscientious they are keeping the secret to themselves. Of all the places in the country with absolutely the best people they alone are the ones who can cure your cancer. Just spend all your life savings, relocate to AZ and spend your money there before you die. Better than spending the insurance money where you live.

I was shocked they would imply cure to desperate people. After all it does not pass the smell test. Think of how many very famous and rich people in the past few years died of cancer while young. These are people with huge amounts of money, they can write a check for any medical treatment, several times over. They are generally not shy of trying new and unapproved therapy’s. But for some reason they just did not hear of this miraculous place in arizona?

I am thinking Farrah Fawcet, Patrick Swayze etc, On top of that these are people that at 50 where in better shape physically than I ever was in my 20’s ( and I ran marathons). They could handle whatever therapy there was much better than the average dude who does not exercise.

But somehow with all their advantages of money, fame, strength succumb to the cancer but you, the ordinary guy can go have this magical cure?

They prey on the gullible and desperate. Shame on them.


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