Poor judgement squared

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Just last week this middle aged man and wife walked in after his release from Shock trauma. One of the criteria I use to evaluate how severe the accident that placed them at shock trauma is how long they were there. So imagine my raised eyebrows when the wife answered by telling me how long he was in each subsection A, and B. Not a good sign.

As it turns out he decided to attack* a 18 wheeler with his small coupe. He lost. It took them hours to get him freed up from under the truck where he was wedged. They had to remove a very large portion of his skull, in fact the entire forehead and front top of the skull. They could not immediately replace it so he is walking around with a baseball cap to hide the odd shaped head–skin and  brain. I could actually feel the brain, way cool!

“Where is the helmet?” I ask, knowing damn well he was given one and should wear it almost every minute of his life.

“He won’t wear it,” said the long suffering wife. “I have tried everything.

“Bring it in and I will superglue it to his head,” I said only half joking.

“He would find a way to rip it off,” said the wife.

I don’t know what more I could have said to impress on him the absolute importance of the helmet. I even suggested any helmet, football, biking, anything to give him protection if he slips and falls or is in another accident. B T Dubs- did I mention his balance has not fully recovered and he uses a cane to stumble along?

Perhaps the brain injury affected his judgement but he is a grown man, we cannot impose our will on him. All we can hope is that he is lucky for another two months when they will replace his skull with a titanium alloy.

*metaphorically of course, it was an accident, he was not suicidal.


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