Where is the common sense?

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I was at the local Mazda dealer parts department looking for the pivot bolt for the alternator on my ’96 Miata. It is a very specific bolt that taps into threads existing on the block so you can’t just get it at your local hardware store. The original had its threads stripped and I am now using a smaller diameter generic bolt with a nylon nut holding it in place. Why the bolt became stripped is a matter of controversy, with my wife being convinced that it has everything to do with my tripling the horsepower in the Miata. My story is that the part must have been faulty (and I am sticking to that story).

What does this have to do with medicine or health? While I was waiting for the parts guy to look up the part and tell me that they don’t have it in stock. ( To date they have never had anything in stock. Nada, nothing, zero. You have to wonder how they manage to repair anything in their shop). I heard a very loud whine coming from the end of the bay. Grinding metal is what it sounded like to me and I estimate it was at over 80 decibels where I was: at least a60 feet away from the tool. Just loud enough to be bothersome but not quite enough to protect my ears.

The guy was going at the steel bumper on a pick up truck with sparks flying all over the place, clearly having fun. (I sure would be if I could destroy someone else’s car.) But he was wearing no hearing protection or eye protection whatsoever. The sound where he was had to be well over 120 dB and the risk to his eyes was not trivial.  Perhaps I should have mentioned something but who am I, just someone working on a 14 year old miata and spending $3.56 on a part. Perhaps I should have given him my card for when he has a problem. But I am too busy as it is. I wish him luck.


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