Tough man

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A young man in his mid thirties came in for  a persistent upper respiratory infection. During our talk we discussed smart phones (HTC incredible-which I am considering for my wife) and an accident he had many years ago.

He was leaning out of a third story window trying to clean some ice on the roof when he fell, slid one story on the roof, fell two stories onto the ground and hit part of the foundation with his left elbow and jaw! I don’t know about you, but at that point you can just dig a hole, roll me in and cover me up. But, not him. He got up and sought help, apparently it did not even knock him out. He had a shattered jaw (No kidding) but no other significant damage. They had to re-construct his face and jaw which involved his right ear.

This conversation started because he is ‘sensitive’ about anything touching his ears. Apparently after the surgery his right ear continued to bother him and he lost hearing. He thought it was just a sequelae of the injury only to find out a year later they had left a cotton sponge inside the canal. (ouch) I can’t believe no one saw that for a year.

He had a small amount of wax in his ear that I would have easily removed, but given the circumstances, I decided that discretion was called for.

I still cannot get over the image of him falling 20 feet! and landing on his jaw. B T Dubs–Whoever did his surgery is a master practitioner because even after I heard the story there were no marks. I mean nothing!


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