Dead men tell no tales.

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I have written before clearly on the side of how nauseatingly inhumane the treatment of residents is. The expectations of unending long hours of work that requires focus, can result in tragedy and in general is done without much support is simply wrong––indentured servitude is not even legal. (In my day–has improved some).

That they had to pass a law to limit the hours to 86 a week shows how uncaring, unethical, insensitive law makers are. The only sane response when told of how they were abused, would have been to be shocked, unbelieving and to pick up a pitchfork to stop the madness. (It would not be so hard; all it takes is a bit of creativity–––oops I mentioned creativity while talking about medicine and politics–my bad)

At any rate, once upon a time, I performed an away rotation in San Antonio, Texas while in med school, so I could visit with my mother for a month. I learned a lot. today I am focusing on one particular resident that was far ahead of his time. Remember, the year was pre 1990 and scheduling computers where just  getting started. The clinic had instituted one and it would not let the schedulers put more than so many patients per hour. Prior to this they would insert more patients with whomever the patient wanted to see or whomever they felt was the better doctor.

This resident, we shall call him Mario, had a great idea and it would have worked  if he had not been so greedy.  After a few months the data showed that he was having a significantly higher no show rate. Enough of a difference for the computer to flag it. And that is how they discovered that he was scheduling appointments for dead people, because they tend not to show (absolutely shameful how they wont do the decent thing and cancel their appointments).

I never knew what they did to him, but I suspect he was required to do a few extra clinic days. Nevertheless I never thought he was at fault. When someone is stress to the breaking point, the rules apply differently.


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great idea but how do we implement it? But why would someone do that?

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