I have to change something

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Over the past 9 months something odd and unexpected has happened to me several times, from totally independent sources. The first time was at a bookstore at the nearby town of Westminster. I was looking for a travel book about the Northwest (Oregon and Washington) because my wife and I have always wanted to visit there and with our girls almost grown up, we now had the opportunity to do so. The clerk who helped me find a book asked me if I was planning to retire and settle there.

What? Did you say retire? How old do I look? No, I answered. I have never been there and if I was retirement age and of a mind to retire I would never go somewhere with which I was not familiar.

I dismissed that event, until I was cornered by a patient during a visit and she wanted the truth: wasn’t I  retiring soon?

I wish I had a video of my face because it must have been precious. I pushed her hard on why she would ask me such a thing. The only answer I got was that she had heard some ‘rumors’. OUch.

Then recently it has come up a few more times, once during a lunch with pharmaceutical reps. It was a light and funny moment but I now have to consider what in the world I am projecting to the world. Perhaps I look more tired and war weary ( from battles with insurance companies, etc.) than I thought I did. But I am ‘only’ 54, have one daughter as a new sophomore in college and  the other as a junior in high school. I bore very easily, don’t enjoy yard work (I mowed my last lawn 20 years ago), never understood the attraction of golf and I have the world’s most understanding boss (myself). I throw away anything that has AARP on it without opening and can’t imagine what I would do as a retired person besides driving my wife insane.

So unless a personality transformation occurs soon I expect to be working for quite some time. I am however making a serious effort at looking younger and more ‘bushy tailed’ perhaps that will stop the speculation.


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