It’s been so long

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I just realized how long it has been since I posted. My life has become a flurry of activity, even more so than usual. After my book was published, people’s perception of me changed significantly. To be fully truthful, so did my own perception of myself, particularly when I began to receive feedback that readers were enjoying the story. (I also received feedback that my grammar, although adequate, still left a few sentence fragments and odd usages, plus the proofreader missed a few misused words: new instead of knew.)  But for me, the latter is just a challenge–something to improve in my next effort. The story is what I really care about, after all, fiction is mostly about storytelling, grammar and English usage is about convention and once it is good enough so that it does not get in the way to the story, that is pretty good. IMHO

Which brings me to why I have neglected the blog so terribly. A friend of mine (90 years old in January) who underwent an amazing life journey during WW ll, decided to let me edit his memoir and turn it into a book. The story is compelling and although the writing is good, the compilation needed intense work and focus. I had to trim, compile and reorganize the material, as well as  fix numerous technical issues with formatting, and word order.

The good news is that it is all so interesting and fun that I became compulsive about it. I did finish the second revision and have sent it to the publisher. (Hope to hear good news soon.)

the first read through was to familiarize myself with the material and obtain clarification of parts that were not readily intelligible. The first revision was to cut out swaths of material that did not belong in a book: family details, numerous addresses and names plus numerous digressions and even more numerous hyperlinks. I also placed it in a more coherent story order so it would be easier  for a reader to follow.

The second revision involved polishing the storyline and the English so that it was in  finished order and easily comprehensible, with notations to clarify issues, reference to other parts of the book, etc.

Now I am undergoing the third revision is which is a line by line, paragraph by paragraph review of the material more for presentation than story line.  I find it fascinating how each type of work requires a different skill set but they are all highly interesting.

If my publisher agrees with me that this should be a book, that would be terribly exciting. I should be done with this current revision by the end of the month at which point a proofreading would be in order and it will be ready for the printer. Even so, at best it wont be out until early next year! My publisher is so busy. (that is a good thing.)

I will endeavor to post more promptly.


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