What’s the worst that could happen?

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Yesterday I removed stitches from the top of the shoulder of a teenaged boy of about 17. He is in the honor society at a very demanding school and obviously very bright. He is also on the football team and extremely fit ( although that does not enter into the picture). The cuts were unusual in distribution and location, so I naturally asked how he got them. Because his grandfather was there he could not lie , like he did to the doctor placing the sutures in.

Apparently he decided to make a youtube video with a couple of friends of his. The patient put his football helmet on, then one friend would smash a heavy bottle (beer I presume) on the helmet while the other friend filmed it. What could possibly go wrong?

Had he thought through about the neck of the bottle the guy was holding and where that would go, he might have put on his shoulder pads and all would have been good, as it was, we have a good story and probably a better youtube video anyway. He has not put it up yet however. I encouraged him to do so and if I get the link, will post it up. Perhaps a what not to do video.


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