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On the EMR (electronic medical records) front: things are not good. As anyone that has read my rants on this subject knows, I am not in any way encouraged to change my records from paper to digital bits and it is not a matter of being old and stuck in my ways. I like progress and have an iPhone, Facebook account, etc. I would even tweet if I had anything important to say in 144 characters. However the mass delusion perpetrated onto the primary care establishment that we should line up like lemmings to the cliff face and pay through the nose for the privilege of jumping off befuddles me. The link below is a third party report on the lack of success EMR systems have at the very thing they are supposed to provide.

Essentially, we are being recruited to be the ultimate Beta testers of a system that will not be ready for prime time for years. Without transparent standards allowing the easy transfer of multiple forms of data ( X-rays, reports, pictures) by all the different EMR systems, there is no point. What has become obvious is that the powers that be must know this but need to create the demand first. It should not surprise me that they are finding many willing (if not eager) takers. Providers are tripping over themselves to set a system up, costs be dammed.

At the risk of being the last man standing and being the last to purchase a fully functioning system at a fraction of the cost–so be it.



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