Newbie on smoking cessasion

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A week ago i saw a patient who had quit cigarettes within the last year. Hurray! This is probably the most addictive substance we deal with. It is indeed a time for celebration and congratulations. This is a story because of what caused her to quit. She was having severe abdominal pain which unfortunately was not typical and required time and testing to diagnose as coming from the gall bladder.

For reasons that are not clear ( at least to me) she took it as a sign that it was time to quit smoking. Really? That is odd. First time I’ve heard that connection. I have heard the typical ones, worsening cough, recurrent respiratory ailments such as pneumonia, sinuses, rhinitis, or cancer scares of any sort and finally, most unfortunately, a real episode of cancer ( which in many cases, quitting smoking, is much too little much too late).

I questioned her about this event and she did not find it so unusual, it seemed natural; she got gall stones, therefore it was time to quit smoking and indeed, just like someone after a cancer scare she had not trouble at all, something in her brain had flipped and she was done with those expensive little paper wrappers.

I expect she was at the precipice of quitting and the first health thing that came up would be sufficient to trigger her response. Like I tell my patients, it is not the straw that breaks the back but the previous hundreds of pounds.

Overall a great outcome, but not scalable.


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Really? Do we have to go through this cliche charade every time? slowly and clearly please

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