Natural, schmatural

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What is it with this ‘Natural’ thing anyway? I have so many people simply assuming that natural must be better, as if it is a given, nothing to question, as fixed as ‘breathing is good’. This despite the overwhelming evidence against it. Furthermore, people are totally willing to believe that if it said to be ‘natural’ it therefore must be.
Nobody in this money driven society would ever consider lying about such a thing, surely that is taboo.
These are intelligent, educated thoughtful people. People that would never even hesitate to delete an email from a Nigerian prince. So why swallow such a bunch of hooey about ‘natural’?
The best answer I have heard in thirty years is that it is a holdover from the ’60’s back to nature movement and perhaps it is, but it sure should be wearing thin by now.
After all, consider the following:

Natural encompasses:

a hard difficult life full of tragedy ( think many childhood deaths) followed by an early death

Small Pox, Typhus, Malaria, Polio, Tetanus– the scourges and killers of untold millions before ‘unnatural medicines/ vaccines’ came to the forefront.

Performing labor manually, living by ‘the sweat of ones brow’ if you will, being hot in summer, cold in winter. No way cars and electricity are ‘natural’

Natural vegetables and staples before they were augmented/domesticated provided meager sustenance and did not allow for much storage, which meant cycles of famine.

Going to the bathroom in the open, the world smelling of a toilet.

Give me engineering and human modernity anytime. Certainly i won’t be the first to try something new but hey, were are a very bright and curious race and I enjoy and fully take advantage of all the fruits of scientists’ labor, whether it be transportation, Air conditioning (!!!), a robust infrastructure or advanced medicines.

A year ago I was routinely tested for immunity to a variety of diseases (Hep B, Polio, etc.) and was found to have no immunity to ChickenPox. How in the world is that possible ? I don’t know but I can tell you, I could not wait to get to the office and get a shot followed by a second one in six weeks.


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iceland summer Timing, like in life, it is also the only thing about blood tests and medication dosages

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