The danger of Stink Bugs

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Monday night an elderly man shows up with an eye problem. He is a sweet man who, despite his age, manages the entire household because his wife is debilitated.
He complains of irritation in his left eye. The story begins with the laundry. Upon removing the clothes from the dryer he notices a stink bug in the drum. He cannot see well enough to notice if the bug survived the drying cycle ( unlikely in my opinion but what do I know?) he picks it up with his hand and brings it to his face to get a good look and see if he is moving when the bug explodes! Into the affected eye.
Luckily his eye only received a little thermal damage and none to his cornea. a few drops, a patch and he was on his way.
My deduction is that the intense heat of the dryer caused steam to build up inside the bug and his shell contained the pressure until he picked it up and put stress on the exoskeleton, upon which a small steam explosion occurred.
The smell was reportedly awful.
Perhaps someone will experiment with the ubiquitous critters to confirm this theory but if so, they will have to steer clear of PETA.


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