Surgery awaits

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It has been a quarter century since I severely injured my knee during a soccer game and it will no longer be put off. Despite a significant amount of weight loss the knee is now worn out and has been impeding my exercise; now it is getting in the way of some of my daily activities. So I am now in the role of patient awaiting surgery.

It is a remarkably uncomfortable role and I find myself second guessing my decision to have a knee replacement. By all logic i have let it go far too long but I keep wondering whether I could/should put up with the pain and instability another year. I find this patient perspective rather educational. I am not worried about a poor outcome, or the anesthesia or the recovery; rather a vague fear of being vulnerable and obtusely being absent from work for the such a long time. I have not missed work for more than three weeks since I was a young man, and the prospect of being out for over a month is terrifying. I am not sure whether I am more scared of being bored or of enjoying my time off.

Being in the patient role helps me understand my patients better; there is a lot to be learned by going through the process; thing that i can use when my patients exhibit the same feelings. Nevertheless it is six weeks until the knife and I find myself conveniently ‘forgetting’ it is looming on the horizon.

Then there are the multitude of logistical issues to handle: informing patients I will be out for a month, setting up a system to run the office while I am away, making sure that patients have sufficient refills on medicines, reassuring patients that the covering doctors are just as capable, etc.


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