While speaking of fossils

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Just over 26 years ago I was fresh out of Residency, ready to start my new practice, full of an arrogance to which only youth can do justice. In my defense it was not a personal arrogance but more of a training arrogance. I had just completed 7 grueling years of training (post grad school) in which I worked up to 100 weeks and the amount of material I knew was phenomenal.
So when I was introduced to one of the more established Family Doctors in the area, who had been part of the vanguard that established Family Practice as a Specialty of its own, I remember thinking how nice and laid back he was, but also how much of a fossil he was. How could someone that old have kept up all these years; with the massive amounts of evolving medical knowledge and technology?
So, just the other day I was reviewing a resume of an applicant for a receptionist position and it mentioned that she had worked for this old MD.
And it hit me, I am at this point the same age as he was when I thought him a fossil!
Actually, I looked him up and it turns out I am four years older than he was at the time.
So that is what young, newly minted docs think of me now.–Wow.
Karma waited a quarter century to send that thought boomeranging back to me.
I told my office manager that she could call me Dyno from now on, in an effort to keep me a bit more grounded.


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