Night wrestling

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I am ten days out from my total knee replacement and there are many stories and experiences to relate. But first I wanted to begin not with the first event but one a few days after getting home, because it is funny, ironic and reveals much about the brain during dream sleep.

One of the most wonderful machines used in post surgical care is the ice water cooler. it is basically a small cooler that holds ice water, a pump which cycles the water through a hose to a pad that is placed over the surgical area. The point is to remove the heat generated by the inflammation. Not only does it provide comfort but it helps with circulation, and swelling.

So on the night in question I set myself up for what is hopefully going to be a good night’s sleep. I have an insulating layer on the knee then the cooling apparatus then several elastic wraps holding everything in place.

Soon I am in a horrible dream, fighting for my life against a huge boa (snake!). I am thrashing around trying to pull its coils off my body. However every time I grab it I feel it to be ice cold and can’t hold on to it. It is an Ice Boa! a rarely found subspecies of the snake. In my dream I think how odd it is that the snake is so cold but I am more distressed by how I am unable to remove its coils.

Of course I wake up fighting with the cold hose from the cooling machine with my foot and hands trying to rip the thing off.

It took almost half an hour to recover from the fright. But the strange interpretation that my sleeping brain gave to normal things lives on. I have enough distance from it a week later to see the humor. But I wish the surgery associated nightmares would end.


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