Carroll Medical Group

The office opened 11/01/89. Has it really been 20 years? I remember thinking that with perseverance and a little luck we might have four ‘docs’ someday.  Welcome to ‘someday’. We passed four ‘docs’ in a couple of years and we are currently at 9.  That is because 9 years ago I made a strategic decision not to grow and we limited our acceptance to new patients. ( you cant really avoid some new patients, patients have a new kid, parents move in with their offspring, etc,.) Otherwise the number of docs would  be in the teens and would have moved to yet a larger office.

We were growing at an unsustainable rate of 210 new patients a month. Apparently when we did our research to find a place that was under-served, we managed to find the right place.

When I first opened we had two employees, none of them nurses, and I saw a whopping 7 patients the first day. Now we have over 30 employees and see an average of 100 a day. Although we did not know it, medicine was easy back then. The rules were more or less understandable and manageable. Reimbursements were reasonable, the economy was doing well and the cost of health care was not so great that employers coundn’t offer health insurance.

I remember that we did not have a fax and would not have one for many years.  We took appointments in a book (erasers anyone?) and we had 5 exam rooms in a tiny office. Now we have nearly 20 exam rooms and patients get lost trying to leave the office.

I had an office party when we had our 500th chart ( about 6 months) now we are approaching 30,000 charts (includes anyone who has ever been seen here). Who could have imagined this?



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